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Nadorcott is a high quality, mid to late-maturing Clementine-type of mandarin. It is a fruit with great depth of flavour and sweetness and a good acidity balance. The smooth, deep orange peel is fairly tightly adhering to the segments, but is easily removed. Nadorcott on sale in UK is practically seedless, but seeds can occassionally be found.

Nadacott is also known as Afourer (from Morocco) and is sometimes marketed under the ClemenGold brand, mainly during the South African season. The use of the name ClemenGold requires that certain quality parameters have been met before sales can take place. Clemcott is a name that is occasionally used in the Spanish season for Nadorcott, whereby they are guaranteed to be seedless.

Tangold (Tango) is the same fruit as Nadorcott, but is the result of budwood from a Nadorcott tree being treated with mild irradiation which effectively rendered it seedless.

Nadorcott is a lovely mandarin, easy to peel, sweet and with a good acid balance and depth of flavour. Early season Nadorcott can be quite tangy.

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